Mission Statement
To provide cutting-edge training along with superb customer service that will build clear communtication between the handler and dog leading to a successful, confident team and a healthy relationship that will last a lifetime.  
Training Philosophy
Our philoposhy is to understand each individual dog's temperament and create a training plan using scientific methods that will be most benefiicial and productive to reach the final training goal with that particular dog. Our methods are based on motivational principles to create low-stress learning for the dog.  We take the training further than just teaching commands but generalize the training to help the dog understand how to perform under all conditions.  Our favorite rule of training is "set the dog up for success!".
Janet Dooley Edwards- Founder

Janet has been a certified Master Trainer from Tarheel Canine Training, Inc since 2001.  Taking notice of her potential, Janet was offered a trainer’s position at the academy, located in Sanford, NC. Tarheel Canine is a world-renowned training facility and one of the largest in this country. 

Janet ran the pet obedience program at Tarheel Canine, specializing in severe behavior modification (aggression, shyness), and took that program to the highest level in its history. She had the opportunity to work with some extreme cases of shyness and aggression for "last chance" dogs, providing them (and their owners) a life they never thought could happen.Along with training the pets and their owners, she instructed student trainers looking to start their own dog training careers. Her students have not only come from the United States but from all over the the world such as South Africa, Portugal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and more.  Many of her students now have successful training businesses of their own.  

Janet then began training SAR and police K9s for detection (narcotics, explosives), patrol and man trailing along with instructing their handlers. She has trained 100+ active dog teams working the streets for local, state and federal agencies throughout the United States.  

She spent 3 years managing the North Carolina training facility, directing all trainers and programs. She relocated to Hanover and started Stateline Canine in 2011.

She has a GSD, Jaro, certified in cadaver recovery that she uses on a volunteer basis for law enforcement.  And a Belgian Malinois, Zuko, which she competes with in the protection sport of PSA.  Zuko has earned his PSA1, PSA2 and PSA3 titles; only 8 other teams have accomplished this in the history of the sport. Janet is only the 2nd female handler to earn this title. Not only has Zuko earned these titles but he is the ONLY dog to have been a National Champion at every level in the sport; 2007 PSA1, 2009 PSA2 and 2012 PSA 3 National Champion. Janet and Zuko are also certified in narcotics detection and work with Dogs Finding Drugs providing private detection services.  They have been featured on several local and national news/tv shows with Dogs Finding Drugs including Good Morning America, Fox News Channel and CBS' The Talk.
Certified Master Trainer, Professional Obedience, Behavior Modification, & Search & Rescue, North State K9 Academy, 2001.
Owner & Head Trainer, Basic Training & Beyond, Winston-Salem, NC 2001-2003.
Assistant Trainer, Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. 2003.
Head Instructor, North State K9 Academy, Pet Obedience Program, 2004.
Member, Tarheel Canine PSA & Police Dog Association December 2003 - current.
Assistant Instructor, Police K9 E-Collar Applications, Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. Sanford, NC, April 17 & 18, 2004.
Assistant Instructor, 16 Hour Police K9 Decoy School, Tarheel Canine Training Inc. February 4-5, 2005.
Assistant Instructor, Advanced Detection, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD June 2005
Assistant Instructor High Risk Deployment Seminar, Asheboro, NC May 2005
Certificate SARTECH 3, NASAR April 2005.
Head Trainer/Instructor, Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. 2005.
Member & K9 Handler, FAS-Trax, SAR Team 2004 - 2005.
Certified Police Dog Instructor, NSK9, September 2005.
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator 2003-2006.
Professional Member, IACP.
Professional Member, INEOA.
Professional Member NTPDA
Evaluator NTPDA 2006-present

Instructor, Water Cadaver Recovery, National CSAR Seminar, Montreat, NC September 2007
PSA 1 National Champion 2007 with K9 Zuko
PSA 2 National Champion 2009 with K9 Zuko
PSA 3 National Runner up 2010 with K9 Zuko
Trainer, Senior Handler Dogs Finding Drugs 2010
Head Instructor Decoy Seminar, Military Working Dog Program, Ft. Hood TX December 2010
Featured on Baltimore’s ABC, CBS and FOX news with K9 Zuko
Featured on Washington DC’s ABC and FOX news with K9 Zuko
Featured on Good Morning America with K9 Zuko
Featured on Fox News Channel’s Justice with Judge Jeanine with K9 Zuko
​• 2012 National Champion, PSA level 3 with K9 Zuko
• Featured on Anderson Cooper Live with K9 Zuko February 2013

  • ​Judge PSA Nationals 2013, Level 3
  • 2013 PSA Nationals Level 1 Runner Up and High Protection with K9 
  • 2013 PSA Nationals "Top Dog Award" with K9
  • East Coast Director PSA, November 2013-current
  • ​2015 PSA East Coast Regional Champion 

581 W. Chestnut St.
Hanover, PA 





Janet & Zuko 3X National Champions